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Want to improve your twerk skills or learn how to twerk in a class tailored and personalized to you? Book a private class!

Private classes can include:

  • A warm-up 

  • An introduction to twerking and basic twerk moves

  • Working and practicing specific moves you want to learn or improve

  • Learning or practicing a choreography done in the group classes

It all depends on what you want to work on!


  • $80 per class 

  • $350 for 5 classes

Details : 

  • You can come with a friend to split the fee ($40 each per class or $175 each for 5 classes)

  • Each class is 55 minutes.

  • Full payment required to book the class(es). 

  • Additional fees apply if you are more that 2.

  • For a personalized choreography to a song of your choice, an additional one-time free of $80 applies. 

Contact us for questions & to book

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